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Ethics Consulting Services

Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. (BSV, Inc.) has extensive experience in providing medical ethics programming for clinical settings of all types. We also routinely provide seminars and assistance in other areas of applied ethics as well, such as leadership ethics, business ethics, and ethics in local government.

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Medical Ethics

BSV, Inc. has extensive experience working with community hospitals, long term care communities, mental health facilities, intellectual disabilites facilities, and providers of community based mental health, intellectual disability, and substance abuse services. We offer you a full array of clinical ethics support including:

• Ethics Committee Development & Support • Educational Programming • Case Consultation & Policy Work

Because every organization has its own unique history and purpose, we tailor services to meet the specific needs of your organization. Whether your goal is to satisfy The Joint Commission accreditation guidelines, develop an educational program for staff, respond effectively to a specific ethical problem, or develop policies that are consistent with your values, BSV, Inc. has the ability to help.

Ethics Committee Development & Support

BSV, Inc. currently supports numerous facilities in the development and continued operation of their ethics programs. If your facility is in the process of formulating a new committee, we can provide valuable support as you formulate guidelines, determine the appropriate structure of your committee, and train your committee members. After a committee has been developed, BSV, Inc. is happy to provide ongoing training and education for the committee and assist or lead in the practical matters of committee business. In many cases, BSV, Inc. takes full responsibility for ongoing committee operations.

Educational Programming

One of the primary functions of an ethics committee is to provide ongoing educational programming for committee members, facility staff, and consumers of services. It is imperative that those involved in medical ethics work come to understand the structure of ethical decision making, as well as strategies for practical application. A large body of literature and experience exists in the field of medical ethics. BSV, Inc. brings this information to all involved in an engaging and enlightening way.

Case Consultation & Policy Work

When confusion exists in a particular circumstance; conflict develops regarding the ethically appropriate response to a particular situation; or policy issues touch on questions of morality, it is important that a process exists by which the ethical values at stake can be clarified and rationally considered. We create an environment in which open discussion of ethical issues can take place so that resolution follows.

BSV, Inc. has extensive experience in providing on-site ethics consultations, as well as policy development and review. In addition to providing a format for the discussion of ethical issues, BSV, Inc. delivers tangible work products in the form of written policy drafts or specific case consultation recommendations.

Business & Government Ethics

Dr. Gillette brings real world experience to our business, organizational and public sector ethics consulting services, having served on city council for three terms and as Mayor for two terms in Lynchburg, VA.  He has a personal understanding as to how political decisions are made and he is able to draw from a deep bank of experience when considering the ethical implications of government action.  Additionally, Dr. Gillette has worked with a variety of private sector businesses and even school boards around the country to assist in many areas of organizational ethics.

Ethics Consultations in the News

BSV, Inc. has made numerous presentations regarding leadership ethics generally, and ethics in politics more specifically. A recent major project involved budgeting ethics. As part of that effort, the City of Alexandria, Virginia, used our services to help staff budget in a time of fiscal challenge. This effort was covered by the following:

• The Washington Post
• BBC World Service
• NPR's 'All Things Considered'
• Chicago Tribune
• USA Today
• Los Angeles Times
• Fox News' 'Fox and Friends'

Contact BSV, Inc. if you would like further information on the following or any other similar topics:

• Budgeting Ethics
• Ethical Leadership
• Disaster Ethics
• Business Ethics & Public Service
• The Ethics of Eminent Domain
• Practical Ethics for Local Leaders
Ethics Consultations In The News