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Applied Ethics Seminars

Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. provides partial-day, full-day, and multi-day seminars on applied ethics to health care organizations and other businesses throughout the country. In every session, whether we are dealing with sweeping social issues or particular problems, we discuss practical examples and work to develop a thoughtful resolution to these difficult problems. In ethics, process is as important as content, and we rigorously examine the rational basis for particular points of view. BSV, Inc. is always willing to develop custom seminars for clients to suit individual needs.


"Dr. Gillette is a brilliant and dynamic speaker with the ability to take a subject, reframe it, and completely rewire your thinking processes. All he asks is that you open your mind and be willing to debate with him. Outstanding seminar!"

"Dr. Gillette awakens the critical thinking part of my brain and provides relevant examples of ethical issues we could encounter in working with our clients."

Dr. Gillette

      “Dr. Gillette is a phenomenal speaker. Most of all, as a former Mayor and City Council member, he totally understands the Council-Manager form of government and the role and challenges of professional local government managers. Dr. Gillette is familiar with the ICMA Code of Ethics and is masterful at engaging audiences of any size on ethical issues common to our profession. He will delight you with his candor and energy on a topic that is a cornerstone of our profession.”               Bonnie Svrcek, City Manager Lynchburg, Virginia and 2012-2013 ICMA President 

"I learned that we need to improve our policies and shift our way of thinking while providing services to clients and their families."

"I received clarity about balancing ethical responsibilities when there is conflict between client concerns and agency concerns."

"I learned to be more aware of my own self-interests and how they may impact or influence my work performance."

"I will look at ethical situations with my clients with a more questioning attitude."

"I am reminded of my clients' vulnerability to my choices and my responsibility to provide the highest value of care possible, based on my knowledge, skills and understanding of my role as a mental health provider."

"I always enjoy caring, educated people constructively arguing with each other."

"I like how we were challenged to think critically."