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About Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc.

Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. (BSV, Inc.) provides applied ethics programs and services. Our services include educational programming, case consultation, as well as policy development and review.  We work with a wide variety of organizations -- primarily within health care -- but also with other private industries. BSV, Inc. was established by Dr. Michael Gillette with three primary objectives:

• Provide assistance to health care providers, patients, and families when they face difficult ethical issues and troubling health care decisions.

• Work with hospitals; hospice providers; long-term care facilities; mental health systems; facilities supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities; community providers of mental health, ID, substance abuse and prevention services; and many other health care providing agencies in order to bring about an environment that is receptive to the discussion and consideration of ethical issues.

• Provide educational programs for a wide variety of groups and organizations around the country to help people become more informed, more thoughtful, and more skilled at identifying, analyzing, and resolving the types of practical ethical issues that they encounter in their actual work.

Dr. Michael Gillette

About Dr. Michael Gillette

Dr. Michael Gillette is an ethics expert who has presented numerous keynotes and workshops nationally and internationally for over 25 years. Additionally, he contracts with dozens of healthcare organizations and other agencies to provide ethics case consultations and policy work. His energetic and interactive style engages his audiences and helps them think critically about ethical decisions in their work and beyond.

Dr. Gillette graduated magna cum laude from Brandeis University, with majors in philosophy and classical Greek, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He earned his master’s and Ph.D. in philosophy at Brown University. He has taught at colleges and universities, published articles in the field of clinical ethics and has received several teaching awards. He was elected three times to the City Council in Lynchburg, Virginia, and served two terms as Mayor of the City.

Dr. Gillette’s wide range of clients include healthcare organizations, social service agencies, long term care facilities, state, local and county government agencies, EAP organizations, HR professionals, attorneys, physicians, nutritionists, secondary and higher education, business firms, leadership organizations, and more.

Dr. Gillette is available for one time presentations or a series of seminars for your staff, agency, or professional organization. Topics and objectives can be customized to suit your needs. Dr. Gillette’s highly interactive workshops focus on real-life case studies and receive glowing reviews.